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Multiple Commands In Serial/Series


Dustin Witherite Nov 08, 2016


In a QApp, how can I:

  1. Check the output of "del /local1/core_dir/core*" for [y|n] and have the QApp respond with "y\r\n" if necessary?
  2. or How can I have QApp run "dir /local1/core_dir/core*" and count the files to determine if I need to confirm the file deletion or not?


I'm looking to write a QApp to delete files from a directory.  The issue I'm running in to is that I cannot run (or just don't know how) two commands on the same device in a series.  I would just execute a single command to delete all files blindly, however, there is no "force" option on the CLI to delete multiple files and you get prompted for "Are you sure... [y|n]" if there are multiple files in the directory.


<hostname>#delfile /local1/core_dir/core* 
Do you really want to delete all the matching files? [y/n]y



Dustin Witherite Jan 25, 2017

Nicky Liu Nov 17, 2016

Dustin Witherite Nov 08, 2016

Atin Tandon Nov 08, 2016

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