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What is a Qapp? How is it any better than scripting for Network Automation?


Arun Gandhi Jul 02, 2015

Networks have evolved over last 20+ years and are today more aware & tuned to the applications running on them. Gartner reports that a complex network problem costs enterprises around $42,000 per hour of downtime averaging around 87 hours of downtime per year.

Even though the networks have evolved and are more sophisticated today, the old methods of network automation & troubleshooting meant for exhaustion are still being used widely. There's a dire need to conduct faster diagnosis and isolation of networks issues, and accelerate troubleshooting for specific applications or entire topology. In the technical brief on Network Dexterity Apps and DevOps (2 pages document), we discuss the traditional methods of network automation via scripts and its implications, a novel technique for creating automation using specialized Apps, and how it puts a network engineer at the forefront in the DevOps movement.

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